Companies that will not learn to use IT services to the largest extent will not be able to face the competition on international markets

roman stirbuInterview with Roman Stirbu, director at Simpals

When did you start to use the Digital signature and why did you buy it?


I bought the Digital Signature when I learned about the possibility to fill in the declaration on the income tax online on My main motivation was the will to avoid standing in queues at the State Fiscal Inspectorate. Everybody knows who priceless time is. For those in the business environment time is money! J


What electronic services do you access by means of MDS?

For now, I only use the Digital Signature to fill in the income declaration, but I deem the digitization of Electronic Services is a good thing. I wish there were more services allowing the use of the Digital Signature and it would be great this tendency also extended towards the private sector. We are living in a digital era, when time is running fast. This is why we should make wise investments.

Which are the advantages of the Digital Signature for you as a user?

The biggest advantage is that I only need my mobile phone connected to the Internet – and it is always at hand. Digital Signature sounds complicated, but when you start using it, you realise it is quite easy to use. All you need to do is follow the menu instructions.

What could you suggest to improve the quality of electronic public services?

Currently, there are several virtual signature enabling access to Public Services, and this could be misleading. I believe it would be much easier and simple if all the e-Services could be accessed with the Digital Signature (as for me, I would like to be able to vote online using my Digital Signature). Electronic services could also help us get rid of many bureaucratic practices if public institutions communicated between them.

What do you think is the future of the MDS and Electronic Services in the Republic of Moldova?

I believe the signature will evolve in something more advanced like, for example, a chip planted under skin. You will not have to recharge it or worry you could lose it.

You are a successful businessman. Efficiency is undoubtedly the main criterion in organizing a business. What do you recommend businessmen in terms of using e-Services and the MDS?

We have many clients in other business fields who we provide consultancy in the field of IT, including forecasts on how their volume of sales could increase by provide online payment possibilities or by automating processes. IT services and e-Services are indispensable for every business. Companies that will not learn to use IT services to the largest extent will not be able to face the competition on international markets. One of the main benefits of implementing information and communication technologies is boosting your services and money movement and boosting the national economy.



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